Before you commit to working with a real esate agent in Central PA, you need to vet them so you don’t end up with a novice agent. Here are 10 questions to ask your Realtor in Central PA, along with my answers.

Feel free to ask me any additional questions you want.

The 10 Questions…

If your agent can’t or won’t answer these questions, then you might want to look for a new one.

1.      Is this your full time employment?

Yes, and has been since 2006. I live real estate and am available to my clients 24 hours a day.

2.      Are you a Realtor and a member of the National Association of Realtors?

Yes, and I’m very involved… I served 2 terms on the local Realtors board of directors, have been chair of numerous committees, am a contributor and supporter of RPAC (our Realtor PAC), and have served in many other leadership roles within our association over the years.

I won the Professional Merit Award in 2016, which means I’m very very involved with the Realtors Association and in the real estate industry as a whole.

I also teach and mentor other local agents how to use today’s tech and how to market listings.

3.      Do you handle at least 20 transactions per year?

Yes. 20-30 (by myself, no team other than my admin)

4.      What percentage of your clients are buyers vs. sellers?

Roughly half and half. Many of my clients are both selling and buying at the same time, and I believe the process goes the smoothest when one agent handles both transactions.

I provide superb Buyer Agent services and am available to my clients 24 hours a day and am very responsive for showings and making offers.

One of my specialties is listing and marketing a home. There are no other agents in our area who market a property like me, period. …or even know how to do it. I teach other agents how to do it.

5.      On average, how many days does it take you to sell a home?

In a “normal” market: 7-14+/- days, obviously varies with the shape and type of home. (if this is super low, maybe they’re not asking enough and maximizing what you could get for your home)

In today’s crazy market: 1-5+/- days

6.      What is your average difference between the listing/asking price and the sale price?

In a “normal” market: 96%+/- of asking price, obviously varies with the home  (if this is super high, maybe they’re not asking enough and maximizing what you could get for your home)

In today’s crazy market: 100% or over, as long as you’re not crazy with you’re pricing

7.      Are you a Broker?

Not yet.  I have way more than the licensed time required, more “points”/sales and volume than required, and have already taken many of the courses.

I have not made getting my broker’s license a priority because it frankly doesn’t really get me more business, people actually don’t ask very often and there are a lot of “brokers” who don’t know what they are doing and aren’t nearly as good as some “agents/salespeople”, so simply having a broker license doesn’t really mean much in my eyes.

8.      Would we (buyers or sellers) be working with you (the agent) directly, or would we be handed off to other members of your team?

Me all the way through.  I do have an assistant/transaction coordinator who helps with all the paperwork, administrative tasks, etc., and I hire professional photographers, but other than that, I’m your man the entire way through the process. You get my 15 years of experience directly.

9.      Have you had any complaints lodged against you?  If so, what was the nature of the complaint(s)?

No.  I’m a trustworthy and diligent person by nature, and was taught by very very ethical people from the beginning.  I pride myself on my ethicacy and don’t mess around when it comes to that.

10.  Can you provide references to contact?

Yes.  Just ask and I’ll provide past clients, current clients, and other agents who you can contact for vetting me.

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Derek Bicksler

Born and raised in Central PA. I spent a happy childhood in the Allison Hill area of Harrisburg before moving to and attending high school at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High. I love the two different environments and cultures I was exposed to as a child, it has made me more tolerant of those different from me and given me a somewhat unique perspective of the world. Son to two wonderful giving parents, Harriet and Dale, who are both my inspiration for my community service. They’ve done too many good things to mention, I really look up to them. (and my grandparents were missionaries and ministers and community servants, so I have a long line of selfless givers to live up to and hopefully make proud) Father to my super smart and talented daughter, Piper, and my hilarious twins, Will and Lucy. They amaze me everyday and I know they will grow up to do awesome things. Like any parent, words don’t say how much I love them. They are everything and I pride myself on my "dadding". Successful Real Estate Professional since 2006. I sell and list homes 24/7, but more importantly, I help my clients reach their real estate goals and achieve their hopes and dreams. I work diligently every day to make sure my clients are happy and uber satisfied with their home selling or buying experience. It’s all about my clients. I enjoy giving back to my profession and taking on leadership positions; I feel it is my duty to my industry and my clients. I stay involved and in touch with what is going on in our local and national housing markets and with legislation so that I can better serve my clients and protect home ownership. Here are just a few of the positions I hold or have held in the Central PA real estate housing market: -Board of Directors - Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors (GHAR) -Board President - Greater Harrisburg Realtors Foundation -Committee Chair - GHAR Member Value & Communications Committee -Volunteer, Donator, & Mascot – GHAR Thanksgiving Food Drive -Committee Chair - GHAR Member Information Session Committee -Instructor - Using Technology in Real Estate Volunteering in the community and in my industry is important to me. I have a standing gig as the technology tutor for senior citizens at Messiah Lifeways’ Mechanicsburg Place Senior Center in Downtown Mechanicsburg and I’m active with many other groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat For Humanity (I love demo!), The Whitaker Center, New Hope Ministries, and Central Penn Food Bank, just to name a few.