Seller assistance is something you should definitely be aware of and ready for if you’re selling a home, especially if you’re in a lower price range. A lot of times first time buyers (and others) need some assistance in coming up with the money needed to buy a home.

Many buyers don’t have the cash on hand required to purchase a home, but can otherwise qualify for a mortgage, so they just need some additional funds from somewhere to cover the costs in order for them to buy. One way to come up with this extra money needed is to ask the seller to give some “Seller Assistance” or “Seller Help” towards their closing costs.

Some sellers get too hung up on “I don’t want to give money to them to buy a house” and “Nobody gave me money to buy a house” thinking, but really who cares, you’re just looking at the net number anyway… An offer of $100,000 with $5,000 seller assistance is essentially the same as an offer of $95,000 with zero seller assistance.

If you’re getting your desired net number, and you don’t see any red flags otherwise, then go for it. Sometimes it’s unavoidable if you want to sell the house. There are some minor downsides to allowing seller assistance, but in general, it’s okay and something you should be ready to deal with. Just look at the net number you get in the end.

Happy selling! 🙂

Derek Bicksler

Born and raised in Central PA. I spent a happy childhood in the Allison Hill area of Harrisburg before moving to and attending high school at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High. I love the two different environments and cultures I was exposed to as a child, it has made me more tolerant of those different from me and given me a somewhat unique perspective of the world. Son to two wonderful giving parents, Harriet and Dale, who are both my inspiration for my community service. They’ve done too many good things to mention, I really look up to them. (and my grandparents were missionaries and ministers and community servants, so I have a long line of selfless givers to live up to and hopefully make proud) Husband to my charming, witty, and beautiful wife, Katie, who’s my best friend and partner in kicking butt! We enjoy being active together, living a healthy lifestyle, and being the best parents we can be (like our parents were for us). Katie has so many qualities that I admire, and I love her more and more each day. Father to my super smart and talented daughter, Piper. She amazes me everyday and I know she will grow up to do awesome things. Like any parent, words don’t say how much I love her. She is the reason. Successful Real Estate Professional since 2006. I sell and list homes 24/7, but more importantly, I help my clients reach their real estate goals and achieve their hopes and dreams. There’s nothing else I would ever consider doing (except maybe be a rock climbing bum in another life LOL) and I work diligently every day to make sure my clients are happy and uber satisfied with their home selling or buying experience. It’s all about my clients. Industry Leader. I enjoy giving back to my profession and taking on leadership positions; I feel it is my duty to my industry and my clients. I stay involved and in touch with what is going on in our local and national housing markets and with legislation so that I can better serve my clients and protect home ownership. Here are just a few of the positions I hold or have held in the Central PA real estate housing market: -Board of Directors - Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors (GHAR) -Board President - Greater Harrisburg Realtors Foundation -Committee Chair - GHAR Member Value & Communications Committee -Volunteer, Donator, & Mascot – GHAR Thanksgiving Food Drive -Committee Chair - GHAR Member Information Session Committee -Contributor - PA Association of Realtors social media instructional videos Volunteer in the community and in my industry. I have a standing gig as the technology tutor for senior citizens at Messiah Lifeways’ Mechanicsburg Place Senior Center in Downtown Mechanicsburg and I’m active with many other groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters (check out their latest event…talk about a FUNdraiser  ), Habitat For Humanity (I love demo!), New Hope Ministries, and Central Penn Food Bank just to name a few.


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