Almost all home buying and selling tasks can be done via

Remote Real Estate Services

During these times, I know that life still goes on and people still have real estate needs that have to be met. For those people, I can take you from start to finish, virtually. No matter what stage of the process you are in, I can help keep you moving forward.

Home Tours

In addition to the typical virtual tour, we can do live video calls with the sellers from the home as well as take additional thorough high def video of the home including any areas of the homes you want to see more of or have questions about. Additional photos can be taken as well. You also have ample contingencies if you end up making an offer without ever seeing it in person.

Home Valuations

I can view your home the same thorough way described in Home Tours. Then I can research comparable sales in your area the same as I would any other time and come up with a recommended list price.

Click here to request a Home Valuation.

Listing Preparation

Together, we can formulate a game plan for starting to stage your house now, and to market your home as soon as the time is right. There will be pent up demand and you should be ready take advantage.

Ask about my ⭐️⭐️⭐️TRIPLE GUARANTEE.

Open Houses

Virtual Live Open Houses are not as hard as you think. You just go live for a few hours and walk around the house and answer questions as directed by watchers/visitors. If someone likes it, you can go live privately to answer questions and view things more thoroughly. If you have wifi, the video clarity and consistency will be better, but it’s not necessary.


Some inspection companies are still operational as an essential maintenance service. Kind of like Lowes and Home Depot still being open. Nobody can be there or be in physical contact with the inspector or home owner, but it can be done.


Banks are still operating and loaning money. Stipulations and procedures vary, but some are still taking applications and doing what they can do keep financing home purchases. Appraisals, which are required by lenders, are now being done remotely, so that part shouldn’t be an issue.

“This is nothing new to me”

“I’ve already been providing remote/virtual services for a long time. Sometimes it’s for people relocating, or just for speed and convenience. The tools needed right now are nothing new to me, and I know how to put it to work for you.”


You don’t have to put your moving plans on hold.

If you…

✅ Are relocating and have to move no matter what

✅ Already started the process of buying or selling

✅ Had a death in the family

✅ Are getting a divorce

✅ or any other reason you can’t or don’t want to wait

…then my virtual services are perfect for you.

“Derek makes doing everything remotely simple”

“Relocating to Central PA is easy with Derek. He’s not just a good agent in general, but he’s also super tech savvy and makes doing everything remotely simple.”


“Made us comfortable buying remotely”

“Derek used several different live and prerecorded video methods to show us everything we needed to see very thoroughly. That, combined with inspections made us comfortable buying remotely and eased our minds. We had to move and do it that way, and Derek made the experience a good one.”


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