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Founded in 1936 by Marlin Jumper, this time capsule of a business is still thriving and is getting new energy from the next generation. It started with Marlin doing the repairs and custom work and soon turned into a family affair.

After learning the trade from his father, Roger Sr. took over in the back, while his wife, Doris, ran the front of the shop.

Roger Jr. (Kari’s dad) has worked in the shop his entire life and officially took over the store in 1999/2000 with help from his brother Scott.

Now Kari has decided to learn the family craft in hopes to carry on the legacy and even add her own personal flavor to the business while keeping the old world charm and workmanship.

If you need some leather work done or new life put into an old pair of shoes, Jumper’s is the only place to go; they’ll take great care of you!


More from my chat with Kari and Roger Jr.…

“It’s definitely more than just shoes. Besides heels, soles, shines, stitching, and stretching, we deal with all types of leather products. We do a lot with belts, pocketbooks, bags, and ball gloves. And then every now and then someone will throw us a curveball with some random thing to try and fix. There’s definitely an element of creativity and problem solving to it at times. What’s the best way to fix up these clogs that a customer’s dog chewed up? Or how can we restore this old military pouch so someone can have a family heirloom? You get some beat up motorcycle boots that a customer loves, and there’s the challenge to make them look as nice as possible. We deal with all types of people, from Appalachian trail hikers making a pitstop for some new soles and laces, to the local firemen who need their coats stitched. It keeps things interesting and it can be very rewarding.”


“The history behind it all is so interesting. People initially invested in repairing their shoes during the great depression so they wouldn’t have to spend money to buy new shoes. Now people invest in a good pair of shoes and want to keep them as long as possible, so that’s what we help them do. We repair, restore, recondition, all those things that make your shoes last longer and look better. It’s kind of the green thing to do. We try to preserve the life of quality shoes for as long as possible. People often say that shoe repair is a dying trade but I disagree. Maybe there’s not as many cobblers out there these days, but there’s a need. People are still coming in and out of our shop because people love their shoes.”

“Right now I really like the learning process with my Dad. He’s done this his entire life and it’s so cool to see the way his mind works when it comes to fixing shoes. He’s really master of his craft and I try to soak all that in. It’s all second nature to him, but to me it’s an art.”



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