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Tim Colgan of Colgan & Associates law firm joins me for a super useful interview full of useful and actionable advice and recommendations regarding what to do with your home when you are getting a divorce and how to go about dealing with that. He explains a bit about the process and gives some inside tips on how to go about selling a home during a divorce.

There are many things to consider and plan for when separating lives, and the home can be one of the largest and most complicated of those things, so it’s imperative to get all your ducks in a row and be as organized and detailed as possible, and get a professional involved if needed… sometimes an impartial and objective party like an attorney or real estate agent or therapist can calm things down and get done what needs to get done, as well as act as a buffer between the parties.

If you own your home and you’re in the process of or thinking about getting a divorce, this episode is a must listen for sure!

If you need more help with your divorce, contact Tim and Colgan & Associates for all your Family and Criminal Law needs…

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Happy selling!  🙂