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If you’re selling your home, chances are you’ll need to utilize a lockbox for various reasons

Aside from allowing agents to show the home easily, you can also use them for contractors, cleaners, inspectors, etc. during the sale and moving process.

If you’re concerned about people going in your home when you are not there, I’m afraid that is something you’ll need to get over, because people do not want you there when they are touring your home. They will stay longer and speak more frankly and seriously amongst themselves if no owners are present. If they are with an agent, they have been vetted and their contact info is known etc. etc. And if you are selling by owner, I would still trust a buyer’s agent realtor to show the home without you there, but letting someone from the general public that just called on your sign might not be th best idea…in this case, meet them there, let them in, and then go sit in your car or something.

If you don’t have a lockbox while selling a home, it will cost you extra time and money for doing things that you don’t need to do and running around for nothing, and most importantly, could hinder a sale because you are lurking about during showings.

The big thing is, leave people alone in your house to look. Sorry, but they don’t want you there!

Happy selling!