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One of the reasons CENTRAL PA is so AWESOME is that you can get to so many great places in JUST A FEW HOURS DRIVE.


Here’s a nice piece from a couple of local CRUISE CONNOISSEURS, Lauren and Ryan Blazi of Dreaming Tree Adventures



Cruising Local: Getting the Most Bang for Your 
Vacation Buck


When I was approached to write an article about great travel ideas for Central Pennsylvanians, the gears immediately started turning, as we have some fantastic vacation options within just a few hours. Whether you’re a wine aficionado looking for new varietals in the Finger Lakes in New York, a sun worshiper hitting the beaches of Ocean City Maryland or New Jersey, or a history buff taking the family to experience some history in Williamsburg, Virginia, we have so much to choose from! But then I remember a conversation I had with a friend almost ten years ago who turned me onto what I have since decided is the best vacation you can take – a cruise!




Everyone wants an enjoyable vacation, creating family memories to last a life time while not breaking the bank in the process. But if you’re already thinking of hitting the beach, add the following in your head 1) How much will a week’s hotel at Ocean City cost? 2) How much will dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner cost for 7 days for you and your family? 3) How much will you spend on activities to entertain you and your family? It’s a lot, right?




This is where I encourage you to take that figure and try taking a cruise! And better still, you don’t have to fly to Florida to take a great voyage! You can hop in your car and cruise out of great ports within a short drive of Central PA, like Norfolk, Baltimore, and New York. A cruise ship is like a floating resort, and included in your fare you will enjoy amenities such as: room and board for a week, amazing food, waking up in exotic locales with crystal clear water, free shows and entertainment, water parks, rock climbing walls, and 24-hour pizza! All of this can cost the same amount as a week at the beach in Maryland or New Jersey! If that wasn’t enough, cruising allows you to create amazing family time, unplug for a week, experience multiple destinations while only unpacking once, shop duty free, and receive high-level service from attentive staff.




All of this can be available within a few hours of Central PA. A doorway to a wider world awaits, so make sure you consider a cruise when you plan your next adventure! Sea ya later!


Check out Ryan, Lauren, and Dreaming Tree Adventures here…


Dreaming Tree Adventures